Latest ‘Free Market’ Electricity Tariffs from Endesa

I have just uploaded the latest electricity prices from Endesa Energía SAU the ‘Free Market’ provider, applicable from 1st October 2011. These charges apply to all single-phase and 3-phase domestic consumers, who have already contracted or are currently considering re-contracting within the deregulated electricity market (check discounts available). The latest information can be found here: Endesa ‘Free Market’ Electricity Tariffs.

IMPORTANT: It is very important to understand which company you are contracted with, as penalty charges are now being applied to certain tariffs/contracts. Check the very small print on your last bill from Endesa. There are now two independant billing companies within the Endesa group of companies, they are:

Endesa Energía XXI SL – this company took control of billing from the old supply company Sevillana Endesa after deregulation on 1st July 2009. All tariffs from this provider are regulated by the government, the ‘Producto’ code on your bill will read TUR (‘Tarifa de Último Recurso’).

Endesa Energía SAU – the new ‘free market’ billing company, setup 1st July 2009. Originally only interested in supplying consumers contracted at 10KW or more, they are now offering discounts to consumers contracted at 3KW or more.

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For contracts with ‘potencia contratada’ between 3KW’s and 10KW’s, the monthly standing charge and unit charge are billed the same by the two Endesa companies, see tariff Ahorro Directo (2.0A) or my previous article New Conditions to the ‘TUR’ Tariff – July 2011.

However since April 2010 Endesa Energía XXI are adding a 20% penality (shown as ‘recargo’ on the bill), on most contracts in excess of 10KW, to encourage consumers to re-contract with Endesa Energía SAU or another supplier within the free market.

Endesa have threatened disconnection before, to consumers contracted at 10KW or more, see my previous article Are you at risk of being ‘cut-off’ back in October 2010. Whether Endesa carry out their latest threat remains to be seen, but I strongly suggest you check your situation and make plans accordingly.

Alternatively leave a note for ‘Los Tres Reyes Magos’ (3 Wise Men) to bring some candles on the 5th January!!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your contract please contact me, details on my Home page. I do offer consultancy via email for a small donation, which can include contract negotiation with Endesa.

31 October 2011