Letter from Endesa re ICP

Have you received one of these letters from Endesa? They are sent recorded delivery to the contract holder at the normal billing address of the property. If for some reason you DO NOT receive electricity bills but money is deducted monthly from your account, then you may not receive this letter – be warned Endesa Distribución may take action regardless!

Endesa Distribucion letter re ICPclick image above to view full letter

In essence the letter is telling you that under a new law passed 1st July 2009, Endesa (and all other ‘free market’ electricity suppliers) are now legally obliged to ensure the ‘Interruptor de Control de Potencia’ (ICP) is installed for all consumers.

The letter identifies 2 of the 3 possible options:

1 – rent the ICP from Endesa, from 6 cents a month
2 – ask your ‘shockingly good‘ electrician to install the ICP

Or 3, the unwritten option, is DO NOTHING! Ignore this letter and the follow-up letter that will arrive 2 to 3 months later and do nothing during your 20 day response period. In this event, Endesa will not install an ICP, but will modify your billing account and charge you for the MAXIMUM energy rating possible on your supply, which could be 20KW! The monthly standing charge for a 20KW contract is currently 46,74€ per month plus electricity tax at 4,864% plus IVA at 16%!! Then you pay nearly 15 cents per KWh consumed, plus both taxes, of course!

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