About Jeff

Having always had a fascination with everything electrical, an early practical experiment to dismantle a table lamp resulted in my first electric shock at the tender age of 18 months!! A misspent childhood followed, crawling everywhere following electric cables and probing sockets! An electrician was born!

I qualified in Electrical & Electronic Engineering to Ordinary National Diploma level (1984) and to Higher National Diploma level (1987). After graduating I gained work experience at Honeywell Controls, Honeywell Bull Information Systems, commercial property developer Hammerson, The Portman Estate and finally managing the IT Systems Support & Development team at a local council in Cornwall.

I moved from the UK to Alhaurin el Grande in 2003, with my partner, 2 cats, 9 rabbits, 9 guinea pigs, my collection of light bulbs (ancient and modern) and my screwdrivers! I can’t believe I have now been in Spain for over 14 years, where did they all go!

In June 2005 I qualified as ‘Electricista de Mantenimiento’ at the Training & Development centre ‘La Escuela Taller Fahala’ in Alhaurin el Grande. Studying full-time, 50/50 theory and practical, plus time spent working at various municipal offices in Alhaurin. The course provided a great opportunity to meet and work with local people, practise my Spanish, make friends and contacts, and of course become acquainted with the latest Wiring Regulations in Spain (“Reglamento Electrotécnico para Baja Tension” – Real Descreto 842/2002).

On completion of my course in Alhaurin, I worked briefly for ‘Ambar Telecommunications’ in Málaga, installing computer cabling and telephone networks, the largest job being the refurb of the Social Security office in Malaga.

‘Living the Dream’ for me, has always implied being my own boss, working where and when I want, doing what I have always wanted to do since the age of 1½ years, to be an electrician! And in 2005, I started working as a self-employed electrician, initially partnered with a Spanish friend and fellow student, advertising locally, picking up both Spanish and English clients along the coast from Málaga to Estepona. I now work exclusively in the inland area of the Valle de Guadalhorce, with clients in Alhaurin de la Torre, Alhaurín El Grande, Coín, Guaro, Monda, Tolox, Alozaina, Álora, Pizarra and Cártama.

I continue to work on a self-employed basis, providing a service to many existing clients and picking up new clients of all nationalities through personal recommendation, targeted advertising, including my Facebook Page Electrician – Alhaurin El Grande and of course this shockingly good website!

That’s me folks, your ‘Shockingly Good Electrician‘, at your service!

last updated 26 November 2017