Are you at risk of being ‘cut-off’ in October 2010??

This information applies to anyone in Spain with electricity contracts rated at 10KW or more (single phase and 3-phase), who have NOT changed supplier within the new ‘free market’. Check your latest bill to confirm your ‘potencia contratada’, if this applies to you, please read on …


Warning to 3-Phase Consumers!

In the past week I have received 3 calls from people who have problems with 3-phase supplies. These people had received their letter from Endesa, telling them to have their ICP fitted (see previous article Letter from Endesa re ICP). Having duly had their ICPs fitted, these callers are not at all delighted when they discover that they can’t run their washing machine and electric hob at the same time (or other appliances!). In fact one of them is now unable to boil a kettle! In this article I will try to explain why.

Those of you who are considering installing or upgrading to 3-phase may also find this article of use.