New Digital ‘SMART’ Meters – An Update!

New European regulations require the introduction of SMART Meters to “encourage consumers to play an active role in the electricity market and thus improve energy efficiency”! To comply with the relevant Spanish regulations, Real Descreto 1110/2007, Endesa Distribución inaugurated its SMART Grid Operations Centre in October 2010 and between 2011 and 2018 will be replacing an estimated 13 million electricity meters in Spain, for consumers with ‘potencia contratada’ (contracted power) of 15 kW or less.

SMART Meters monitor and control electricity consumption and facilitate other ‘operations’ remotely thanks to the SMART Grid, a state-of-the-art communications system developed jointly by Endesa and Enel who together boast the largest number of SMART Meters installed on a countrywide basis, estimated to be in excess of 38 million.

I originally posted an article on SMART Meters in October 2011 when I first learnt that pilot trials began in Spain that year, with SMART Meters installed in Málaga. Today I know Endesa are in the process of notifying consumers and replacing electricity meters locally in Alhaurín el Grande, Coín, Cártama and Álora, and no doubt everywhere in Spain, for residential consumers and commercial customers contracted at 15KW or less. Be warned, there are implications, see my advice below in reponse to some recent customer enquiries!

SMART Meters

The new “SMART” Electricity Meters are replacing traditional electro-mechanical electricity meters, two models: Single-Phase (1x 230 Volts) shown on the left and 3-Phase (3x 230/400 Volts) on the right, not to scale

Read on for more information on the SMART Grid, watch the video and read my answers to some important and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) (more…)