Endesa disconnecting Builder’s Supplies in our area!

I’m currently dealing with a growing number of calls from people who have recently had electricity meters removed, despite there being no history of bill payment problems. After investigatation I discover that Endesa (and possibly other electricity providers in Spain), are cutting off ‘Builder’s Supplies’, removing the electricity meter and leaving the property without electricity! The reason given is that the provisional ‘Luz de Obras’ supply (commonly known as ‘Builder’s Supply’ or ‘Work’s Supply’), has been connected for a longer time period than originally contracted, and therefore suspended!

A ‘Builder’s Supply’ (‘Suministro Provisional de Obras’) is normally granted for no more than 2 years. Assuming the building work is to construct a house, then on successful completion of building works a ‘First Occupation Licence’ (‘Licencia Primera Ocupación’) will be granted by the Town Hall. With this document and many others, the owner/purchaser/developer can then apply for a domestic electricity contract (‘Suministro de Vivienda’). If after two years, the construction is not complete an extension to the building licence can be requested from the Town Hall and presented to Endesa to extend the Builder’s Supply contract.

To find out if you are at risk of disconnection please read on! (more…)