Endesa ‘Free Market’ Electricity Tariffs – October 2013

I have uploaded the latest electricity tariffs from Endesa Energía SAU the ‘Free Market’ provider, applicable from 1st October 2013, with discounts available for all new contracts signed before 31st December 2013.

These charges and conditions will apply to any new domestic contracts, single-phase and 3-phase, including ‘potencia’ upgrades for existing ‘Free Market’ consumers and for new supplies for consumers contracting with the deregulated supplier ‘Endesa Energia SAU’.

If you are contracted on the ‘TUR’ Tariff (Tarifa de Ultimo Recurso) with the Government regulated supplier ‘Endesa Energia XXI’ you may want to consider moving to the free market to take advantage of the discounts on offer.

The latest price information can be found here: Endesa ‘Free Market’ Electricity Tariffs – October 2013.

If you need assistance changing tariff or re-contracting within the ‘free market’ please contact me, details at top of page or on my Home page. If required I can audit your electrical installation, perform load tests and advise you on the most suitable tariff and ‘potencia’ (power, in Kilowatts).

I work with all the Endesa subcontractors in my ‘catchment’ area, should any major works or ‘proyecto’ be required to upgrade the network infrastructure to provide a new supply connection point.

7 October 2013