How are you being billed for your electricity?

I receive numerous telephone calls, almost on a daily basis, from concerned consumers who feel they are paying too much for their electricity. Join the club! The days of cheap electricity in Spain are over!

In July 2009 the electricty supply market was deregulated, i.e. ‘opened up’ to free competition from a number of new ‘Free Market’ electricity suppliers. Since then, the electricity providers have seen a drop in income, due to consumers installing new energy efficient appliances and changing to ‘low energy’ and LED lighting.

Over more recent years, you will have noticed your ‘Fixed Charge’ (facturación por potencia contratada) has increased significantly, compared to the ‘Unit Charge’ (facturación por energía consumida).

The Fixed Charge is based on the ‘potencia contratada’ (power available), in Kilowatts. This charge will be fairly consistent from bill to bill, differing only by the exact number of days in the billing period.  The power available was previously restricted by the ‘Interruptor de Control de Potencia’ (ICP) installed in your fuse box, but is now restricted by an integrated limiter in the new ‘intelligent’ Smart Meter (if fitted).

The Unit Charge is based on the electricity you use, in Kilowatt Hours. This charge may vary considerably from bill to bill, depending on your electricity consumption. You are more likely to use more electricity in winter for heating, hot water, cooking etc.

The amount you pay for your electricity depends on your tariff and potencia contracted. Consumers contracted with Endesa will find the following graphic useful in explaining the various billing methods, depending on whether you are contarcted with the regulated company Endesa Energía XXI or the free market company Endesa Energía SAU. The billing method also depends on whether a Smart Meter is fitted and whether or not it is integrated within the ‘telemetry’ network (sistema de telegestion).

NB: The Tariff ‘SCVP’ (Small Consumer Voluntary Price) is the translation of what appears on your bill as ‘PVPC’ (Precio Voluntario para el Pequeño Consumidor)

How am I being billed for my electricity

I will post more information on the new PVPC ‘Real Time Billing’ tariff, for consumers with Smart Meter fitted and integrated into the ‘telemetry’ network, so please come back soon for more up-to-date information.

If you need assistance changing tariff or re-contracting within the ‘free market’ please contact me, details below or on my Home page. If required I can audit your electrical installation, perform load tests and advise you on the most suitable tariff and ‘potencia’ (power) in Kilowatts.

I work with Endesa subcontractors in my ‘catchment’ area, should any major works or ‘proyecto’ be required to upgrade the network infrastructure to provide a new supply connection point.

Contact me via email (address at top of page) or telephone +(34) 659 862 691.

13 February 2016