Energy Rating of Electricity Contracts

While out and about, trying my best to provide a ‘shockingly good’ service,  I ‘m always asked the same questions by my customers. Many of their problems are caused by trying to use more appliances than their supply contract will support.  To help understand just what your contract will allow you to use, I have created a  Guide to Determine Energy Rating of Electricity Contracts. Use this, and the replies to my ‘frequently asked questions’ below, to determine whether or not you may need to upgrade your contract.


Latest Electric Tariffs From Endesa

I have uploaded the latest electricity prices from Endesa, applicable from 1st January 2010. These rates apply to all single-phase and 3-phase consumers. The information can be found here: Endesa Domestic Electricity Tariffs. These charges will not be applied to January’s bills as the billing period includes days charged at the old rate.

25 January 2010