3-Phase Supply Upgrades

Projects to upgrade 3-phase domestic supplies in order to setup new contract or increase ‘potencia’ (power) contracted. Also includes projects to modify existing 3-phase installations to improve resillience against common problems such as ‘tripping’ due to earth-leakage problems.

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Project to consolidate two outdated electricity supplies to a large ‘campo’ plot with two houses and two swimming pools. The original single-phase supply to the ‘casita’ was removed and connected, via a new main distribution panel, to an upgraded ‘unrestricted’ 3-phase supply. Works included installation of two secondary distribution panels, one located in the pump house to feed main pool, well pump and main house, and the other panel located in the garage to supply the main house. A new ‘boletín’ was issued and a new ‘unrestricted’ 15,1KW ‘potencia’ contract setup. The original 3-phase meter was relocated to the new brick-built enclsoure, prior to Endesa fitting the new ‘Maximetro’.


Upgrade of 3-phase distribution panel in ‘campo’ villa on local urbanisation, in order to minimise effect of earth-leakage problems, original 3-phase earth trip (RCCB) removed and replaced with three single-phase earth trips. The original single-pole circuit breakers were replaced with double-pole breakers which involved extra cabling between main panel and connection box in order to split the ‘common neutral’ and connect the neutral from each circuit back to the new double-pole breaker. The surge-limit protector (not connected previously) was also connected


Upgrade of 3-phase distribution panel in ‘campo’ villa on the same urbanisation as above, again to minimise disruption due to earth-leakage problems, the original 3-phase earth trip (RCCB) had previously been removed(!), so I replaced it with three single-phase earth trips. This required extra cabling between the main panel and connection box in order to split the ‘common neutral’ and establish independant neutral connections for each of the three phases


Insurance Claim to reinstate electricity supply to ‘campo’ property following a direct strike by lightning. The main distribution panel was blown apart by the power surge following the lightning strike. This customer also had to replace 4 air-conditioning units and many other electrical appliances


Supply upgrade required in order to increase ‘potencia’ on 3-phase supply from 6,57KW (10 Amps) to 15,1KW which is an unrestricted supply. On completion of works, new ‘boletín’ and contract upgrade, Endesa fitted a new ‘Maximetro’.

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