Guide to determine required ‘Potencia’ on Single-Phase Contract

Use this Endesa guide to check if the energy rating (potencia contratada) of your single-phase domestic electricity contract is adequate to support the range of electrical appliances in your home.

Using the matrix below check which appliances you have and read along the row to determine the minimum energy rating in Kilowatts (kW’s) you require in your home. I recommend you check the energy ratings of your individual appliances before deciding on a suitable potencia to contract.

the column ‘Contracts prior 2005’ refers to old Sevillana or Endesa contracts setup when the nominal supply voltage in Spain was set at 220 Volts

the column ‘Contracts after 2005’ refers to new Endesa contracts setup since the nominal supply voltage in Europe was set at 230 Volts

The small difference in energy ratings between old and new contracts is due to the small change in nominal supply voltage. The column on the far right shows the rating of the ‘current limiter’ integrated within the Smart Meter (if fitted), or the rating of the ‘ICP‘ installed in the fusebox (if fitted).

Note: Key for heating / aircon: – 1 or 2 units max., – complete home system

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The energy ratings above are minimum recommendations and apply to single-phase domestic contracts only! Selecting the minimum energy rating may not facilitate simultaneous running of all appliances listed. To guarantee adequate power consider which appliances will be running at the same time and plan to upgrade to the next level if necessary.

Consumers with 3-phase electricity supplies please see my post entitled Determining Potencia for 3-Phase Installations, to be published in the near future!


If you need assistance changing your ‘potencia contratada’ please contact me, details below or on my Home page. Please be aware that Endesa, or other electricity provider, may require a new ‘boletín’ in order to increase your potencia. If required I can audit your electrical installation, perform load tests, provide a quote for an upgrade and advise you on the most suitable ‘potencia’ in Kilowatts and recommend a suitable tariff.

I work with Endesa subcontractors in my ‘catchment’ area, should any major works or ‘proyecto’ be required to upgrade the network infrastructure to provide a new supply connection point.

Contact me via email (address at top of page) or telephone +(34) 659 862 691.

13 February 2016