Single-Phase Supply Upgrades

Projects to upgrade single-phase domestic supplies in order to setup new contract or increase ‘potencia’ (power) contracted.

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Supply upgrade in order to obtain new ‘boletín’ to increase ‘potencia’ contracted


Complete rewire of a an old village townhouse, to include supply upgrade, boletín and new contract


Complete rewire of ‘campo’ property, which included relocation of main distribution panel and new supply, with new ‘boletín’ and new supply contract


Supply upgrade for a village townhouse in order to obtain new ‘boletín’ to upgrade ‘potencia’ and change ‘titular’ (account name) on supply contract


Partial rewire of village townhouse, to include new circuits for Utility Room and Kitchen, with new meter housing and main distribution panel


Upgrade of original distribution panel in village townhouse in order to obtain new ‘boletín’ required to increase the ‘potencia’ on the supply


Supply upgrade to ‘campo’ property, to include new meter enclosure relocated to boundary wall, new main distribution panel and new ‘boletín’ to increase ‘potencia’ on supply contract

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