Endesa ‘Free Market’ Tariffs – October 2014

These are the latest electricity tariffs from Endesa Energía SAU the ‘Free Market’ provider, applicable for all new contracts signed before 31st October 2014. Some discounts on the Fixed Charge and/or Unit Charge are available.

These charges and conditions will apply to any new domestic contracts, single-phase and 3-phase, including ‘potencia’ upgrades for existing ‘Free Market’ consumers, and for new contracts for consumers changing electricity supplier from Endesa Energía XXI (or other provider) to Endesa Energia SAU.

If you are contracted on the ‘PVPC’ Tariff (Precio Voluntario para el Pequeño Consumidor) with the Government regulated supplier ‘Endesa Energia XXI’ you may want to consider moving to the free market, Endesa Energía SAU, to take advantage of the fixed price tariffs and discounts available.

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