Energy Rating of Electricity Contracts

While out and about, trying my best to provide a ‘shockingly good’ service,  I ‘m always asked the same questions by my customers. Many of their problems are caused by trying to use more appliances than their supply contract will support.  To help understand just what your contract will allow you to use, I have created a  Guide to Determine Energy Rating of Electricity Contracts. Use this, and the replies to my ‘frequently asked questions’ below, to determine whether or not you may need to upgrade your contract.

Q. I have an ICP fitted and it keeps ‘tripping’ off, why?

It is most likely you have more appliances in use than is recommended for your contract. You can try to reduce the number of appliances in use at any one time, or upgrade your electricity contract with your supplier.

Q. I want to install new appliances, airconditioning and a water heater, do I need to talk to Endesa?

Check the Guide to Determine Energy Rating of Electricity Contracts and if necessary take action to upgrade your electricity contract with Endesa.

Q. My electricity meter and fuse box is very old, do I need to do anything?

If you have the correctly rated ICP installed and it does not ‘trip’ off regularly and you do not intend changing contract (and/or supplier) or installing additional appliances then you do not need to do anything, unless you suspect a wiring problem of course!

If however you intend installing additional appliances, changing contract (and/or supplier) then work may well be required to upgrade the electrical installation to comply with current wiring regulations before a ‘boletín’ can be issued.

If  having just read this, you are concerned about your electricity contract or supply, or require assistance with your electricity supplier or a no-obligation quote to upgrade your electrical installation then call me on (0034) 659 862 691 or email me on the address at the top of this page to book a consultation.

17 February 2010