Are you at risk of being ‘cut-off’ in October 2010??

This information applies to anyone in Spain with electricity contracts rated at 10KW or more (single phase and 3-phase), who have NOT changed supplier within the new ‘free market’. Check your latest bill to confirm your ‘potencia contratada’, if this applies to you, please read on …

Following the introduction of the ‘free market’ in July 2009, consumers with contracts rated at 10KW or more, who have not changed supplier, have been paying very heavy penalties in an attempt by the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio to ‘persuade’ you to re-contract within the new free market. The initial penalty (‘recargo’) of 5% was introduced in July 2009, with further 5% surcharges introduced in October 2009, January 2010 and April 2010. In affect, you are now paying 20% more for your monthly standing charge and every unit (KWh) of electricity used!

For most consumers in Andalucía, previously contracted with Sevillana Endesa, your bills are currently produced by Endesa Energia XXI (check the very small print at the bottom of your bill). This new company was set-up solely to take over billing for consumers who did not re-contract within the free market.

If you do not change supplier before October 2010, you risk being disconnected, yes you could be CUT OFF, it is written in law (Real Descreto 485/2009).

Q. So what do you do now?

You can make contact with your nearest Endesa office (‘Punto de Servicio’) and ask to re-contract with Endesa Energía S.A. in the ‘mercado libre’ (free market). You will need to take with you, your latest bill and a copy of your NIE. You may also be asked for proof of ownership of property; the first 6 pages of your ‘escritura’ (title deeds) will suffice. In order to re-contract, your electrical installation must have a ‘boletín en vigor’, in other words a valid boletín issued since 1990.

Alternatively make contact with one of the other free market providers in Andalucía (referred to as ‘Comercializadoras del Mercado Libre’), from the following list:

Céntrica Energía S.L.U.
Factor Energía S.A.
Gesternova S.A.
Nexus Energía S.A.

Q. What if your installation is very old?

Be prepared to spend some serious money upgrading your supply! Work required may include replacing the electricity meter enclosure, fitting an approved steel door, new supply cables, plus a partial upgrade or complete replacement of your consumer unit (fuse box). This work is required to ensure your ‘installation’ is compliant with current wiring regulations; only then can it be formally ‘signed off’ with a new boletín. All this work is at the expense of the consumer, i.e. YOU!

Q. Is there a ‘quick fix’?

Yes, the simple solution for many would be to review your electricity usage and consider downgrading your potencia contratada to below 10KW and remain contracted on the ‘TUR’ tariff with Endesa Energía XXI. For single-phase consumers you can contract at 9,2KW (40A ICP) or 3-phase customers can drop to 6,928KW (10A ICP – provides only 2,3KW at 230V so be warned, read my previous post Warning to 3-Phase Consumers!!)

Obviously, if you live in my ‘catchment area’, (see top of my home page), then I can offer assistance; a consultation at your home, dealing with Endesa and providing a quote for remedial works. Please be aware I have spent most of 2010 upgrading supplies, I have several more jobs scheduled and a backlog of quotes to provide! However there is still time, contact me via email (see home page) or telephone +(34) 659 862 691.

For more background information on the new free market, see my earlier article Electricity Price Increases and New regulations in Force, posted 20 August 2009.

19 August 2010